We do not only work in the industrial environment! Our auditors Hans-Werner Lortz and Stefan Eckhardt faced the challenge of auditing the energy management system of Caritasverband Koblenz e.V. / CarMen gem. GmbH. As Martina Best-Liesenfeld, director of Caritas, confirmed, they consciously decided in favor of a certification. “We do not only want to know how much energy we need for certain things but also minimize our needs“. At 16 different sites, an energetic review was carried out, and a documentation conforming to the standard was created in parallel which was integrated into the QM system certified successfully, before. For our audit team, this successful integration as well as the motivation and the engagement for the energy management system of all employees also were outstanding characteristics of Caritasverband Koblenz e.V / CarMen gem. GmbH.